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As society changes, so do consumers’ aspirations, and it is up to us as marketers to understand and interpret these changes.

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Sub Saharan Middle Class

African Lions

African Lions is arguably the most comprehensive investigation into the middle class in Sub-Saharan Africa to date.

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Segment: South Africans aged 18-24.  

Economists refer to the ‘youth bulge’, an indication of how the youth segment is growing. Keeping abreast of changing attitudes and behaviour patterns within the youth market has always presented a challenge to marketers. Today, with the impact of technology and greater connectivity, this challenge is arguably greater than ever before.

The overriding objective of the study is to indicate the way forward for marketers wishing to reach this market. Besides evaluating demographic shifts, the study will also focus on mindsets, aspirations and buying behaviour among South Africa’s youth across the socio-economic spectrum. We’ll also compare and contrast South African and global youth trends, and explore how the youth of today relate to brands.

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